How to make money online for the long term

Most legit programs


That will go down at the moment you are willing to cash out?
Here are the most stable programs on the internet.
All paying straight forward since the big bang.
Are you (finaly) ready to start reffering things that will last?


The unbeaten queen of survey's since 2007 ; payes 10% of your referals surveys


Truely revshare meaning that earnings will come back to the users.
The profits are variable on earnings of the site , No ponzi holes !
Tip the $25 and $50 upgrade will gives you worth more shares then the member to member sales price ;)

Myfreeshares is part of the moneybookers group (no-minimum, donkey mails etc)


The different traffic exchange, there is no ad timer, you will get more credits if you are longer on a advertisers pages. So users won't just watch the timer, but your advertisement.
Credits will provide you ad views and payment as a truely revshare also (again no ponzi)

There are a lot of extra free tools in leadsleap specialised for bloggers eg.exit pop-up, link tracker, ad widget for in your blog

Btw here's leadsleap free tactical e-book