Internet marketing for the long term

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Long term legit programs that really work

Here below is a listing of my best programs. I have test many programs with a lot of trail and error. These are my finest and most converting programs for the long therm. Please contact me any time. My Facebook or Google+


The unbeaten queen of survey's since 2007 ; payes 10% of your referals surveys


Truely revshare meaning that earnings will come back to the users.
The profits are variable on earnings of the site , No ponzi holes !
Tip the $25 and $50 upgrade will gives you worth more shares then the member to member sales price ;)

Myfreeshares is part of the moneybookers group (no-minimum, donkey mails etc)


The different traffic exchange, there is no ad timer, you will get more credits if you are longer on a advertisers pages. So users won't just watch the timer, but your advertisement.
Credits will provide you ad views and payment as a truely revshare also (again no ponzi)

There are a lot of extra free tools in leadsleap specialised for bloggers eg.exit pop-up, link tracker, ad widget for in your blog

Btw here's leadsleap free tactical e-book 

Wealthy Affiliate - My #1 recommendation. Free e-marketeers training university. Learn to sell or affiliate anything online. Start building your business the proper way. You don't have to do it alone anymore. Training, internal e-marketeers 24/7 social page and chat. 2 free blasting fast WordPress blogs for your projects. Also good internal affiliating program if you don't have noting to refer yet. Read my full article here - Sign up at Wealthy Affiliate

Tested Paid to Click
ClixSense - The queen of GPT. Very high paying for survey's. High pay for large offerwall. 103% percent legit and paying since 2008. Stable and very good to refer for the long therm. The power here is absolute in it's survey.
After signing up it's a good thing to fill out your survey profile at first. The more survey's you make the better survey's you get. Very good to get your start and investment money. NO renting referals. Very good to refer, up to 8 level deep affiliate commissions (task commissions as well) - Sign up Now

EpicClix - Sky rocking PTC site. Legit and trusted admin who is the owner of two other PTC sites ( PTClover ). Very fast climbing in all the PTC score listings. Very good and maintenance free rented referrals. Just turn autopay on and keep your rental balance full. Daily clicking rented referrals, no recycling needed. 100 RR for free member min 130 % ROI. Rental packages are big. Best is to fund it with clixsense earnings or take "My Survey" offers from "Offertoro" inside (70 cents). Article PTC Tips - Join EpicClix Now

Buxinside - High earning PTC - Legit and paying truly instant. Custom script. Rented referrals are real humans, no bots. First you have to make 100 clicks. Then you can upgrade for just 1 euro and choose your own add-ons. Renting Referrals needs attention and recycling there first month (you need to find active humans). After extension for the next month renting referrals have a extreme high RIO. You can always contact me for the best tactics.
Needs investments ( ClixSence earnings) Article PTC Tips - Join Buxinside Now.

Neobux - The king of PTC - Very stable and legit for over nine years.
The power is in it stability and its very good to refer in lower geo-targeted country's. Renting referrals are hard to maintain and not always profitable.
Advice is to concentrate on getting your own direct referrals. How to get your own referrals successfully can be learned in Wealthy Affiliate. Renting referrals in EpicClix and Buxinside is more profitable. No start money needed. Article PTC Tips  - Join Neobux Now