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Padlockincome - $ 64,712.04 IN 2 DAYS Seriously ? - What it really is - Test | Review | Walktrough

You probably saw them coming by lately, The highly hyped Facebook postings, video splash page or adhits banners of Padlockincome. Claiming to be "The world 1st plug and play marketing system" and "How I made 64,712.04 in just 2 days" and it's  F R E E.

Wow, who doesn't want that ! 
64k in 2 days for free ?
Of course, curious as always, I jumped in to check out what this is all about.

So, What is padlockincome really?

To start off, signing up and the first part are really totally free.
You can't even upgrade before you have proven yourself that it works,
So, please don't worry about losing money at the start, you simply are not allowed to ;)

Padlockincome is a step by step training program and marketing list building system. You will unlock each step (padlock) by following the inside training. How the Padlock Income operates is very straightforward. The whole motive of this program is to train you, step by step, the basics of internet marketing while you promote Padlockincome by using the high converting video page. When you sign up someone to Padlockincome through your link they become your team member and their e-mail will be added to your marketing list. The system will send automatic updates and promotions of Padlockincome to your new team members and you can send them e-mails for training or promote other programs as well. You own this mail addresses and you can export them to your own autoresponder. This means that you start building your own list right away by promoting Padlockincome only. Your new team members will also go through the same steps as you in order to make money.of promoting padlock income.

Upon joining Padlock Income, you will be required to watch some instructional videos where Jeremy Rush will explain to you what you need to do next. Do not try to shortcut these video’s because it won’t work. You will have to watch the whole video without skipping through it, otherwise, the blue buttons to the next step won’t appear. These videos are not long, shorter than 2 minutes.

As a beginner, you will be in Padlock level #1, which is free, There are 12 padlock levels in the program. You will need to complete certain tasks before you can go to the next level. Basically, the levels are to indicate your progress with Padlock Income. If you are still in level 1 means, you have not completed the tasks that are assigned to you.

Each step or padlock has its own training and promotional materials. It's like the more you pay, the more training, commissions, and promo availabilities you get. So, you decided how many you can spend and need for yourself. All payment is one time for a lifetime and covered.

 IMPORTANT Padlock income is a training and selling system, not a matrix, Ponzi or pyramid, you can stay as long as you want in one padlock, you decide for yourself if you want to upgrade to the next padlock or not.

From padlock 2 you can start earning commission after depositing $10. The higher padlocks you want to unlock, the higher the commissions and deposits are. You are free to choose to which level you upgrade, so, you can build it up and testing it first after deposing your first 10 dollars.


The first (free) padlock has already;

-> OWN list building by promoting the capture page
-> The Facebook training + group + you tube channel
-> Promo material
-> OWN list building (you can export it)
-> How-to-do-vids
-> Past hangout vids (webinars)
-> Full tracking of social media separated (facebook, g+, twitter, mail, etc) so that you know which one works the best for you

Each padlock has a progress bar which shows how far you completed that padlock. To complete padlock 1 you have to refer ( sign up ) 10 new free members into the system. This is your main task and you can start promoting and building your list as a free member right away before you upgrade to the paid padlock 2.
The system will guide you through your promotion process by giving your some additional task;

1) The Facebook training

In this padlock 1 step, you will be asked to sign up at 30 selected Facebook groups. This goes step by step and every step has his own Facebook promotion image and promo text. You need to download this images and texts one by one to your computer first.

IMPORTANT: The downloading and organization of the promo materials from the padlock site is a time-consuming task. I found it important to support you as my team member. That’s why already did that for you and you can ask the whole package at once if you are on my team to save you time and frustration. 

Once you are approved at a Facebook group by his admin you can start posting your provided Facebook ad in that group. Some groups approve very fast and some will take over a week to get approved. This can be frustrating but is no reason to hold yourself back. You can just start posting into the Facebook groups where you are accepted. Getting approved is only an additional task, your main task to progress is signing up 10 new members.

The 30 by padlock income preferred Facebook groups are only advised to get you started and as an example, no one forbids you to post in other groups as well. If you are on my team and not a member of other groups or don’t know how to find them you can ask me for a list of Facebook groups to sign up and post in.

Don’t overpost/spam many Facebook groups at once! If you do you will be marked as a spammer and Facebook can lock your posting rights for a few hours, weeks or months. It is safe to post to 15 different groups at once two times a day when you do more you could end up in the so-called Facebook jail.

2) Banner promotion 

Here you will be provided withPadlockincome banners which you can download again. In the video’s will be explained how and where to post them with adhits as an example. Again your main goal is to get 10 sign ups and you can post the banners wherever you want..

3) The traffic centre

At the last padlock 1 section, you will find a huge alphabetical list of pages and forums where you can post freely

you need to do all three padlock 1 tasks constantly as long you want to earn money or want to build your list from Padlockincome .

Internet marketing is all about 5 things;

and working together.


Here is where the real thing starts. When you have proved to yourself that you are able to sign up 10 people you can choose to upgrade to padlock 2 by paying $ 10 one time for this lock.

$7 goes to you direct upline and
$1.50 goes to the guy above him and
$1.50 goes to the company to keep it stable.

This is how you can start to earn money too. When you signed up at padlock 2 by paying $ 10 and the team members that you have referred do the same, you get the commissions.

You understand that next to referring and signing up people it is very important that you support your team members to succeed also. As they succeed, you get the commissions. Beautiful... isn’t it ? Getting paid for helping and training people to succeed !

Next, to the right to start earning commissions, Padlock 2 provides you more marketing training and promo materials for google + as an example.


I haven't reached that level yet, so, I don’t know the upgrade prices, commissions and what this training is all about. In basic, it goes the same as padlock 2 , keep promoting, pay an upgrade fee, get training and earn commissions.

My final thoughts about padlockincome

What I really like about Padlock income is that it helps you start building your list while you promote them. The automatic e-mail will help you to convert leads into paying costumers. Because Padlockincome is in basic a marketers training program it suitable for both beginners as more experienced marketers.

Also, the ability to start for free is a strong feature that makes Padlockincome easy to promote. You can choose to upgrade to a paid membership after that you have proven yourself that you are able to recruit people for this system.

The marketing promise "This is how I made 64k in just 2 days" Is a bit sneaky, to make the video page high convertible, especially attractive for beginners.

I truly believe that Jeremy Rush made this 64k in 2 days after launching Padlockincome at some point. But that doesn't mean this will be same for you, If you have a big list and years of experience already, you can certainly make a jump start into Padlockincome.

Average marketers have to build their followers up.
 Still is Padlockincome a good way to start or to add to your existing portfolio.

Hope this was a helpful review ..... .

Thanks for reading out.

To your success, Marcel