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4 Great tips to promote a very popular site


Promoting a heavily-promoted program can be challenging. But, because of the huge momentum these sites create, people are willing to buy (from) these sites.

Success of a program clues and from that point of view is promoting them highly recommended. I have found over the years that there are four keys to promoting these programs successfully.

Tip #1 Watch what leaders do.

The key here is to watch what people do, not what they say you should do. The person who recruited you has a responsibility to help you succeed. After all, he or she made or makes a profit from your involvement. Watch what leaders do and you will learn over time.

Be consistent. It seems that everyone in these programs who calls me on the phone wants results today. That's understandable because they paid a lot to get in and want to start earning. But Rome was not built in a day, and many of them get discouraged and give up when there is not an easy answer. Consistent effort will yield results.

It might be a good idea to work with a team build group for the site that you are promoting, every good popular, program has one. In a group, you will be able to get extra support from the group members, mostly in a facebook or skype group. Teambuilder projects have often team link rotator too, here you can add your link and this will be promoted by all team members with a minimum hit-count per member a week. Teamlink rotator promoting provides a bigger overall presence of the popular site branded by the team. It must be clear that you can't out-promote a whole marketing team all by yourself.

Tip #2 Don't give up!

Especially when you are using free traffic where everyone is promoting different projects, like in traffic exchangers or safelist mailers, it will take some time before your traffic will kick in and starts converting.

It is way better to promote only one or two programs over an extended period of time consistently than jumping from one to the next shiny project, without giving it a chance to deploy itself. Switching from project means that you will have to start all over again, and worst, the people you have referred already will see you as someone who is leaving them and can't make up his mind.

No one is willing to follow someone who is referring everything just because he got involved in it himself. Acting like this will never build you a trust factor. If you refer to something, be sure that you know, and willing to stay at that program for an extended period of time,

Some effort every day is better than a burst of effort followed by no effort. Place three ads a day and soon your results will amaze you. The fact is, these programs CAN be promoted successfully. But it does take time, some money, some skills, and perseverance.

Tip #3 Don't think you are too late.

Many people in popular programs fear they may be too late to get good results. They often think that ezines might not work because others have run ads for the program they want to promote. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Repetition is the mother of learning, and people who promote before you do (whether that is in ezines, pay per click, article marketing or any other form of advertising) are actually paving the way for YOUR success. People don't buy the first time they see something and it is possible that YOUR ad will be the one that causes them to take action. Especially if your ad is unique and persuasive.

Remember, it's a big Internet and thousands of new people log on for the first time every day. The fact is that people need to see the same (or similar) ad many times before making a move. I'll bet you have had this experience as well ... seeing an ad for a product three, five, even twelve times before taking action. The more ads that run the better for you, if you have the right mindset.

Tip #4 Don't use only the standard ad.

While it is true that repetition can work for you in advertising, it's also true that using the same ad as everyone else can be a bad thing. People see the same headline and pre-judge the opportunity, thinking they have given it a fair hearing. Instead, try using proven ads with varying headlines. The key is to test, test and test again to see what works for you.

A very simple trick is to use team promotion advertisements or to add some extra juice to an existing standard ad. People will recognize the advertisement from the repeatings display's, but will also notice the little extra effort you put in, making you stand out of the crowd. 

What I do often, is putting in an extra topbar on an existing advertisement by using the free leadsleap topbar. The topbar allows me to put in an extra heading text that points to another link. You can use, for example, headlines like "Ask me more on facebook" and point the topbar link to your facebook profile or "Read my full and honest review about PRODUCT" and point the topbar link to a blog review.

Offering extra information inside a standard advertisement will build up trust instantly and give you the opportunity to connect with your prospect. People can sign up on a popular site everywhere. You should question yourself why they should do it under your promotion link.

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