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Sunday, October 27, 2019

leasedadspace- what is it and how to use it

What is Leasedadspace?

Leasedadspace is a complete internet marketers platform that combines a web traffic system and a set of essential marketing tools to brand yourself as marketers including;

A simple personal blog (for all members)
A personal profile branding page with links to your video’s and blog postings
Textads and banner ads package (numbers depends on package)

Lifetime mailing to every member (intervals depends on package)
Adboard postings on the all inside pages (number a day depends on package)

What makes Leasedadspeace interesting, above the many other opportunities, is that you will get a complete package to brand yourself and attract other marketers in several packages, from free to a relatively low lifetime one payment fee.

You will pay once and save yourself a lot of time on clicking advertisements in mailers and duct-taping different free things together. There is no monthly cost at all. The most of what you need, to promote yourself, is all there in one place to maintain.

Leasedadspace has itself innovated from an advertising platform matrix in that started in 2015 to a full single line sell internet marketers platform at the beginning of 2018.

This means that it has left the smudged matrix profile system and you need to pay an additional $ 10 if you want to become a reseller of Leasedadspace.

This is completely optional and a one time fee. You will be able to sell all packages afterward and there is no need to buy all the packages anymore to sell a higher package than you.

The drawback of this is that there are no benefits from your downline sells anymore. You will get the full commission on what you sell and that’s it. On the other hand, you don’t have to share your commissions with the people in your upline.

Let me unfold the different inside benefits a little deeper.

A simple personal blog for all members.

This is a public place where you can place marked up text with pictures and links to your project.

If you but just want to drop some additional personal written info, without setting up a full blog and maintain the cost, this blog will be a good alternative.
Of course, it is wrapped in the Leasedadspace environment and not so flexible as a full blog.

Still,  it is very useful as a redirect place for more info for your prospect and Facebook promotions,. Placing teasing and intro postings to attract people to your main blog.
If you post frequently it will attract marketers that are inside Leasedadspace already.

A personal public branding page

I love these the most, many people will overlook it’s abilities or even fill them in but public personal branding pages are a very powerful tool.

I use these often to advertise myself instead of an opportunity into mailer and traffic exchangers. They are Highly converting when you put in a contact link.

It's a relief for people if someone tries to reach out personally to them, explaining what they do and can do for them instead of punching an opportunity directly.

Personal branding pages are designed to connect with people and not to sell directly.

Here you can read how to write a good personal profile or follow this example

After contact, you can always redirect them to your facebook group or your blog post for more information.

A personal branding page will make you connect with people and are a good or better alternative than the capture lead page.
A good thing about your personal profile page in Leasedadspace is that your referral link is included also. When you promote your personal page, you will promote Leasedadspace together with it.

Text add and banner packages

Each subscription into Leasedadspace comes with a banner and text ad package with a number of credits for one-time use. Your banner will be displayed in Leasedadspace only in front of the members.

The value of this advertising is not too high, It might convert a bit. The only things that it gives a little value to these advertisements are that members in Leasedadspace are buyers and not tire-kicking freebie seekers.

Lifetime mailing to every member.

This is the bomb that separates Leasedadspace from the others. For surfing just a few other mailings,  you can send out your mail to the completely ever-growing Leasedadspace member base. Not once, but again and again as long as Leasedadspace will exist (since 2016). A highly converting time-saving option.

The interval time where you allowed to send out your Email depends on your Leaseadspace package. From once a month to once a day. In the end, only this option only will pay back your initial sign up fee.

It’s just a matter of consequent mailing until you earned your money back and beyond.

Adpost postings on all inside pages.

These are little text links with some read more info and an outgoing link.
Very good to give an announcement to a blog post or support link to get more clicks to your emails.

An Adpost has a sort lifetime since it is pulled down by the new ones. Still, you can expect 5 clicks on your post and with the smallest package, you can post twice a day.

Check what Leadsleap users say about Leasedadspace

The prices and packages inside Leaseadspace


All members are given a free customizable personal profile page. Get noticed!

Start generating content and getting your name out there using our free Personal Blog!

Post in our Ad Board Directory using click credits. 10 credits per post


BANNER ADS 8.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 4.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 28 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD  1 free post per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional cost posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 12.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 6.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 14 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 2 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 20.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 14.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 9 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
3 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additi


BANNER ADS 24.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 16.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS1 every 7 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 4 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits 


BANNER ADS 28.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 18.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 5 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 5 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 40.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 20.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 4 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 6 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS110.000 Impressions Every Month
TEXT ADS 60.000 Impressions Every Month 
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 48 hours, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 25 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What's a matrix program?

Most matrices are targeted on fast money making with a small initial investment. You will be able to multiply your money many times by recruiting other people to the matrix who are instructed to do the same.

Promotions of matrices are heavily hyped with earning tables about how much you will be able to earn with just recruiting a relatively low number of people. If you follow their example maths it all seems to be solid and completely reachable in an easy way.

The basics of a matrix system are simple.

You will pay, let’s say 2 dollars one-time to your upline + a little fee for the system.

This will bring you the first line in the matrix with a total of 4 positions.
Each of these positions can be resold for 2 dollars apiece.

In this case, 4 new members paid 2 dollars each and your total profit will be 8 dollars.

Solid as a rock, right?

Now you can start duplicate, you will keep 4 dollars and buy your next line into the matrix for the cost of 4 dollars + fee.

This will bring you again 4 new positions to resell, now with a value of eight dollars each.
Sell this, and you will have 32 dollars. And so on and on.

Perfect, Simple, Transparent and covered!

You simply invest a chubby amount of 2 dollars and keep on duplicating it by finding people who will do the same.

So why didn’t anyone come up with this
Unique-amazing-no-brainer-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity before?

Of course, the calculation is correct, there are no holes in the money distribution, that's at least something.

There are only a few slight things left out in this out in this presentation. First of all, it's the school example of a pyramid scheme. There is no real product in this example other than the ability to make money by getting other people in.

This is flatly illegal and, just to avoid prosecution, you will get some valueless bonus products with your matrix position purchase.

In basic did you bought something that you didn’t want to have in the first place. Just to be able to resell it multiple times.

Second, the duplication will only work if your prospects also sell their 4 spots and get into the second matrix line. So, next to recruiting, you will need to train, help and push your new prospect to sell this empty, worthless system that can make them so much money. (ahem)

Only if they all succeed and their new members will too, you will get the maximum achievable money as shown inside that beautiful promotion presentation.

Are all matrices flat, sneaky sold, pyramid schemes?

Unfortunately, the very most are, let’s say above 90%

The only way to keep yourself safe from those is to never, ever buy a product that you don't like, never will use or is too expensive for the only reason that you can make money from it.

is-it a-pyramid-test-reviewAnother red flag is if you need to pay on forehand before you even know the product is.
I mean, why should you pay for something that you don’t know what it is before you did the payment without the ability to get your money refund, just to be able to resell that product.

It’s just illogical and, again, illegal.

Online Customers should always be able to review a product before payment or there must be a refund policy.

Is it all gloom and doom into the matrices world?

money matrix reviewLuckily not, there are a few matrices that actually have a real product base behind them, more than just a few useless E-books that no one wanted to have in the first place.

Some have the possibility to check the site before you ever spend any money.

Don’t get me wrong, In any matrix, you will still need to pay for your first matrix position before you are able to resell it.

So I will strongly advise you only to step into these matrices if their product has real value for you, the price feels right and you would like to use the product yourself.

In this way, you love your product and you don’t have to be ashamed to resell them or the matrix positions to multiply your initial investments.

This is the only way to succeed in matrices and the main reason why people fail into online marketing, by selling things where they do not truly believe in, just because it CAN make them so much money.

Don't get distracted by shiny compensation plans,
rather concentrate on the products and possibilities inside the matrix.

I strongly believe that compensation plans only work on products that people need and want to use.

All the different compensation plans and products should be published on the sites of the programs before you sign up.

Final words

It's a jungle out there when it comes to matrices. Please, think twice before you sign up on a highly hyped shiny matrix. I hope the introduction of matrices in this post has given you some insight.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions into the comment. section below.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

what are resell rights, PLR explained

PLR, MRR, and RR explained

Ebooks, software or even whole blog with resell rights are getting more and more popular over the last years.

They can be a very time effective way when you are starting your own info content or product line, for your own use and with the ability to start selling these products. All types of resell rights allow you to sell a product and keep 100% of the profit

You can find resell products in almost every topic you can think of, from MLM marketing support to gardening. Resell right products or packages are often delivered with complete resell pages for easy online reselling. The most cost effective way is to purchase a package bundle.

In basic, there are three types of those reselling rights, Master, Master Resell and Private Label.

Some might think they are all the same, but there are some slight differences in your using and reproducing rights. There are even products that come with all three types of options when you are buying them.

You can choose, for example, buying the product with resell rights, with master resell rights or with private label rights. Each priced accordingly

If you don’t know what PLR, MRR or MR exactly means, the terms can be quite confusing.
Below you will find all the types of copyright and resell rights explained.

Print out or store this handy reference page to help with any confusion with these various terms.

Resell rights (RR)

This is the most simple and less flexible resell right copyright product categories. You can use this product for your own use and you are allowed to resell them only. Resell right products are not white label products and need to be sold “as is”, you are not allowed to change anything in the context. Your customers have only the right to use it, not to resell it again.

When you buy a resell right product only you can use it for your own or resell it without any customizations, that it.

Resell right products can come with additional limitations, like selling price, max numbers of resells, advertisements ways. Check your license or term of service for specific resell rights rules.

  • Can I use It for my own - Yes
  • Can I resell it - Yes
  • Can I change the content - No
  • Can I change the graphics -No
  • Can I rebrand it, put my own links in it - No
  • Can I put my name in it as the author - No
  • Can my customers resell it -No
  • Can I give it away - No

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

Master Resell Rights are in basically the same as Resell Right. You don’t have ownership and you are not allowed to edit or customize them.

The one big difference is that Master Resell Rights rights allow you to resell the product along with the resell rights, your customer and his customers can resell them too.

This is a popular combination of right for or potential customers who also want to sell the products to others.

With master rights, they are allowed your product for themselves and they can use it to generate income.

Make sure to look closer at the license. There can be some extra limitations, Just like you can have with Resell Rights.

  • Can I use It for my own - Yes
  • Can I resell it - Yes
  • Can I change the content - No
  • Can I change the graphics -No
  • Can I rebrand it, put my own links in it - No
  • Can I put my name in it as the author - No
  • Can my customers resell it - Yes
  • Can I give it away - No

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Now we are talking…. With Private Label Rights, you will have complete ownership of the products. You are allowed to change anything on the content. Split them up as autoresponder series or Ecourse.

Put your own name as the author on it and change links to offers in your content. You can even put your own advertisements into it.

The PLR Handbook— $9.97 (Save 85%!)
You'll discover the following information IN THIS EBOOK: Exactly what Private Label Rights is and how you can take advantage of it starting today The different types of private label rights products, what to look for and which one to get Where...

You'll discover the following information IN THIS EBOOK: Exactly what Private Label Rights is and how you can take advantage of it starting today The different types of private label rights products, what to look for and which one to get Where to find private label products - I'll share two best sites where you can get high quality private label products How to profit using private label rights once you've acquired a PLR product. I'll show you 3 easy methods to get started 20 powerful secrets you can easily do to take PLR to the next level so you can get maximum results A simple way to profit from PLR ebook, report or articles you acquire. You could easily do with little effort and still get great results. I'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it. How to build a powerful opt-in list using PLR content. How to get massive traffic by simply 'giving away' free reports and ebooks created from PLR content Easily give your PLR ebook or report a unique twist by doing this one simple thing. Step-by-step instructions on how to use PLR content to start your own membership site that makes you money month after month How to use PLR products to start your own 'firesale' for a surge of quick cash How to get other people to promote your PLR product And so much more...
9.97 USD InStock

PLR products are the closest thing to writing or creating your own stuff. Someone else made it but you own it, do whatever you want with it.

Because of there flexibility, Private label rights product packages generally cost more to purchase than resell and master rights product packages. Still, if you are ever given a choice, always go for Private Label Rights.

  • Can I use It for my own - Yes
  • Can I resell it - Yes
  • Can I change the content - Yes
  • Can I change the graphics -Yes
  • Can I rebrand it, put my own links in it - Yes
  • Can I put my name in it as the author - Yes
  • Can my customers resell it -Yes
  • Can I give it away - Yes

When and how to use PLR products

Product with Ressel rights come out very handy when want start selling E-books, Start a mini-course, set up your autoresponder or to chunk up them for social media postings, article submitting or blogs.

One thing to consider by using PLR for your own blog or content is to rewrite them in your voice of tone.

PLR products are high-quality written content by professionals and can be used straight away but are far from original. Copied and pasted without editing PLR blog content will be very hard to rank up in Google.

Still, can PLR content greatly used to build up your blog structure ideas, having basic articles setups or follow up articles structures, saving you a lot of time from entering all the needed text and paragraph to build you a solid article.

You can find my internet and marketing support PLR selections products here or, if you wish to start your own PLR shop, Sign up here for free to join my team.

Please, share this article if it was useful to be able to find it back or ask any of your questings in the comments of this article.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Knowledge, value products and a way to promote it, my top 3 programs to start with

Online making can be a tough adventure, even harder when you have just started your journey. 
There are so many ways and programs online promoted that promise you will make money.

Most of them are making even bigger promises than the other, making it nearly impossible to select the right ones. 

Unfortunately, the most "money making blueprints" out there are better at taking, than earning, your money.

If you don't have a clear pad to follow you will be lost in the internet space for eternity.

All of this hype on my Google search results made me think about what really is needed to run an internet business. The outcome was as simple as it was powerful: 

Knowledge, a value product and a way to promote it. that's all there is!

So how do you find the best online money making programs, or better, the best programs that provide you the tools to make money online?

As a start, I have been looking for programs that offer you a lot of value before they charge you anything up front. Any good marketing program should have a trail or free membership option. I found it essential that you are able to test it before they start asking you for money. All my selected programs have such no risk membership option.

This doesn't mean that everything always can and should be free, The best programs also need to generate an income to keep them online. Always free brings no cash in the drawer for you as well. They just need to provide a  full trail or free membership with the basic features enabled, that you are able to test the program for your needs.

The other factors I have used to rate these three marketing programs are a good reputation, stability for at least 7 years, support, knowledge, value for money and product.

The last years if have been digging up a lot of dirt, but the following are the jewelry between the smug. 

They are 100% legit, long term existing, programs that provide all the tools to start your online home marketing business.


Wealthy Affiliate is my very first recommendation which you should join before you take any attempt to start earning online as an affiliate marketer! Wealthy affiliate offers you truly independent basic and advanced marketing training.
And has a free 7 days full membership trail without auto-extension.

Many marketing programs will provide you free training inside. The problem with this training is that they are mostly very basic and targeted on selling the program only. They tell you stories like "post on facebook, tell friend and family or post in forums" and that's about it. When you ask for deeper information the answer is mostly that you have to keep going.

Wealthy affiliate learns you how to set your goals, think about your branding, investigating your niche, setting up your blog, how to handle advertising and generating traffic to your offers.

Besides all the information that you can find on the site, there is a step by step starter boot camp training, you will be provided with weekly webinars, 2 WordPress blog to set up your business, and a very helpful marketers social platform where you can ask all your questions to fellow marketers.
All these are included in your free trail startup.

Wealthy affiliate is an all in, up to date online affiliate marketers university where you get trained to launch your online business in a constructive way. You will be able to meet, connect and ask questions to your fellow wealthy affiliate members as well.

When joining, you will get a 7 day, no risk, full membership, trial without auto extension. If you want to extend the upgraded membership you will need to perform it yourself.

When you decide not to upgrade and staying a free member, you will still have access to the 10 lessons starter Bootcamp training and the use of two premia fast hosted Wordpress blogs.

SFI - Strong Future International

SFI is the free to join and use MLM affiliation program of Zinq network which is supported by millions of affiliates and running since 1998.

Unlike most MLM, There are at SFI no mandatory costs such as purchasing distribution rights or product sample packages. SFI is free to sign up and use with its full features and there won't be any payments necessary if you don't choose to do so by yourself.

Especially when you are not an expert affiliate, things might be overwhelming to you.
A good affiliate program stands or falls with its marketing tools and affiliates support.

SFI will provide with all the info you need to get started selling online.

  • There is a step by step get started tutorial called "The Launchpad"
  • A daily to-do list
  • An exclusive marketing training of more than 36 lessons, covering all the marketing tactics
  • A guide "22 steps to success"
  • An active social forum to communicate with your fellow SFI Affiliates.
  • And you can "Ask Gary" the owner of SFI directly your questions.
SFI has, with over 398 marketing tools, the biggest library of promotion materials I have seen.
There is a large base of banners, e-cards and splash pages to promote the whole SFI program or the programs of Zinq network separately, depending on your wishes or need

As an SFI Affiliate, you will be able to sell all the products and programs of Zinq network right away.

The Zinq network is a container of sites which contains;

Tripleclicks, Your own e-store with over 10.000 product in several niches.

You only need to promote this product to get a commission of your sells.
Triplelclicks will handle all actions that are needed, like shipment, storage and customer contact. You don't have to buy, store or ship any product yourself.

The marketing tools of Tripleclicks are excellent, you can create a banner, sales page or listing of products and post these right away on your blog, social media pages or any other page

Austro auctions, A auctions site where you will receive commissions on the internal bid credits

Rewardicals, A online Cashback system where get commission cashback points if your team get cashback point, Rewardical cashback points can be redeemed in products, cash or bitcoin.

Localventia, A second cashback program that mainly gives cashback on products at local brick stores, you get commission over the saved cashback on the members you brought in.
SFI works with its commissions as a straight forward MLM structure. If you are able to recruit new affiliates for SFI, you will get commissions from your team members sells up to 12 levels deep, depending on your affiliate level.

Eager zebraA game site where you get commissions over the hints and extra features people buy

There are three ways to earn money on SFI.

  1. Sell one of the Zinq network products yourself
  2. Recruit a team that sells the products, you will commission up to 12 levels deep of your team sells.
  3. Buy team members at SFI or Join the COOP recruit advertisement and let the system recruit new team members for you, you will still need to support those team members. 

EUROPEAN SAFELIST MAILER (full autoresponder for $ 3,00)

European safelist mailer is, on first sight,  just a better-organized whitelist mailer exchanger.

The real power is in its upgrades. The silver membership for just $ 3.00 monthly fee does include a package of mailing credits and a full customizable autoresponder as well!

The golden membership of $ 7.00 monthly fees will also provide you with 500 tested and confirmed high quality leads each month!.

With this responder, you can make capture lead forms for 12 independent mailing listings.

Each list can hold up to 40 automated e-mails for 50,000 subscribers from a list unique e-mail address (

With its three dollar fee, this the most inexpensive full working autoresponder I have found in the market that allows affiliate and work from home businesses.

Be aware, the big "free" autoresponders, like MailChimp, do not allow affiliate and work from home businesses and will block your account. 

One thing to concern is that the responder does include hosting for one capture lead page only.
I use an empty blogger template for my capture lead page hosting. There are many free programs that offer capture lead page hosting as well.

My personal sign up bonus: When you sign up for the autoresponder using this link and contact me by using the contact form on his blog, I will send you a bonus package with ;

  • Full instructions to set up instructions for the responder
  • My empty blogger template for capturing lead page use with setup instructions
  • A Package with 100 pre-written template responder emails for your own use
  • The E-book  "autoresponder frequency guide"

To get access to the autoresponder you will need to take a free membership at European safelist and upgrade to the silver or gold membership. The link to your response can be found under the "silver or gold membership benefit buttons. Once your responder is set up it will be running separately from the mailer with its own login details.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Brand yourself as a marketer, not a program

Branding yourself online is nothing more or less than putting yourself first, instead of a program when you are promoting online.

People are more willing to follow a person that informs them than a standard "sign up here" advertisement page.

The question should not be wich program they have to follow, but why they have to follow it with you! What do you have to offer to compare all the standard promotion advertisements?

The answer is quite simple, Human interaction and additional information. You are the only truly unique thing on the internet. If people are starting to follow you,  it nearly doesn't matter anymore which program you are promoting.

The following four internet marketers social programs are my most favorite to share my programs and blog postings. All are long term existing sites and have free membership options.

You will be able to set up a full personal profile, make social connections, create a posting and gather all your programs in one place.

The only thing you will need to promote in the future is your own social page.

Read here for tips on writing a smashing marketing profile


I like IBO TOOLBOX to call "The Facebook for marketers",

You can create a very extensive public profile page at IBOToolbox with your videos, press releases (blog postings), social connections and your own Adsense ads!

The profile and press releases have their own permalinks and can be promoted anywhere

A short overview of the features of IBOToolbox

Social wall, A facebook alike timeline of your actions

IBO Associates, Marketers where you can connect with and mail (friends)

Press releases (PR releases in the account menu)

Little blog postings that can have your opportunity links and are connected to your personal profile.

Press releases will be shared on the front social wall, to your connections, and can be used as stand-alone postings for your promotions. you will get internal advertising credits for publishing press releases.

Free Advertising Credits.

IBOToolbox has internal text and banner ads. You can achieve free advertising credits on IBOToolbox by taking several actions like posting PR releases, reading the weekly mail, entering the twice a day promo codes.

Branding Top bar.

The most extended personal branding top bar I have found so far.

When you use the IBOURL link shortener on your promotion page, IBOtoolbox can put several topbars above that promotion page, with your photo, social links, press releases, and your IBOtoolbox sign up link.

See example promo page without topbar
See example promo page with IBOURL topbar

As you can see, the IBOURL is a very powerful tool to make standard advertisements stand out and will promote multiple links in a very simple way for using one advertisement credit only.

IBOToolsbox works on a mobile app as well and is fully responsive on devices.


MLM Gateway is a combination of a marketing minded people connection site and a personal branding system.

You can build a personal profile where you can at your Business Opportunities and social connections.

A very powerful tool are business announcements. This is an option to write simple blog postings with links to your opportunities. Business announcements will provide you connection credits, are connected to your profile, will attract people and have a permalink to share on other places.

MLM Gateway is fully responsive on all mobile devices

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business


EASYHITS4U is well known as a traffic exchanger but has great unrevealed branding options as well.

Next, to the traffic exchange, you can use Easyhits4U to

  • Connect with other members
  • Create a public profile that you can promote elsewhere
  • Write articles with your links
  • Make facebook comments on the front page'. Say something like "connect me for traffic tricks " don't post links directly in the Facebook box

Tip: On the photo thumbnail of an Easyhits4U member, you can see whether it's upgraded or not, upgraded members are members that are willing to pay for things (buyers)

The free HTML splash page builder and rotator are some useful tools as well.
Easyhits4U has massive daily traffic and a very active member base.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


Leasedadspeace is the most cost-effective lifetime upgrade social mailer, it also has a free membership option.  (read more in my full article about Leasedadspage here)

Free and all paying members will have

A personal public blog
You will be able to generate content and brand your name online by using your free Personal Blog.

A personal public profile
All members are given a free customizable personal profile page, with your blog postings, social connections, programs, and videos.

Ad board directory postings
Post in the Ad Board Directory using click credits, which you can get by reading adboard posting and mailings, costings 10 credits per post.

Paying upgraded members will have, lifetime mailing to all members, text ad credits, banner credits, and less credit use to perform their posting.

Time intervals to be able to mail, credit usage, number of ads, depends on the bought package size.

For example, 

The cheapest package of  $9,98 one time fee has 8000 banner impressions, 4000 text ad impressions, 1 solo E-mail every 28 days to all members for lifetime, 1 free adboard posting a day

The most expensive package for $ 147,00 one time fee has 110.000 banner ad impressions every month, 60.000 text ad impressions every month, 1 solo E-mail every 48 hours to all members for lifetime. 25 free adboard postings a day for lifetime

To serve your needs, there are several packages in between.

Thanks for reading out, I hope it was helpful and triggered some ideas.

Feel free to share this post or ask all your questions inside the comments.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Get paid to click with a smart twist

Introduction to PTC

PTC stands for Pay To Click, A website where you get paid simply for watching online advertisements. These sites should be like a rolling snowball, starting slow and getting more profitable when you assign people under you or by buying upgrades. 

You can start as a free user getting paid for watching advertisements daily.

Sounds great !, Right ?, But? …. Are you really be able to get some decent money out of them?

Well, Let’s see ....

Tip 1. Get the right payment processors verified

Since 2015, Paypal does not support most internet marketing programs anymore. Marketing program owners, including PTC admins, needed to swift to alternative online payment options for that reason.

Most of paid to click sites are using Solidtrustpay or Skrill and a few secondary online wallets now.

The accounts of these online payments processors need to be verified for your valid name and address before you are able to connect them with your bank account.

This verification process will take two to five working days.
To be sure that you won't get payment issues, it is wise that you sign up and verify both at a few online wallets on the forehand.

Read my article about the 5 most used online wallets in internet marketing., when you are doubting which online payment processor to choose.

Tip 2. Don’t get scammed

Scamming is absolutely the biggest problem in the PTC world.

If you crawl the web a little while, you will see that whole blogs are dedicated to how to avoid PTC scams   The main problem is that everyone can start a brand new PTC site for a hundred bucks in just two hours. Completely turn-key installed with standard scripts and hosting.

This results in the launch of a dozen new sites daily with only a few to survive the first year.
I think It’s safe to say that 98% of the PTC sites on the web are a total scam or become a scam.

Sounds scary, and it is! I have seen the most beautiful admin postings, "that they come to stay", "can be trusted", "others might be saying bad things just to hurt this site". None of that is true!
These admin postings are only created to trick you or to start a strong community feeling.

The safest way to work with PTC sites is to use trusted, long term existing PTC sites only. There are more than enough of them.

You can check at Netbusinessratings  if a PTC site is legit and paying or a scam.

Please avoid new (extreme) high paying new sites, they just don't pay!

Just start with a few older and very legit sites out of the PTC top ten.
In the end, there are more than enough trusted sites to cover your needs.

Sign up a few trusted sites, it’s free, you can always decide which ones fit you the most later.
Below you see my three favorites

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Clixsense high paying surveys, best surveys in the USA, Northwest Europe, and Australia

Total scamming is very profitable and easy to get away whit, to start over and over again. Here are the most common tricks.

The total scam, with the attention to never pay a dime.

Mostly paying one or even two cents a click over four to six advertisements for free users. The minimal payout level is set on two to three dollars, which will take you three months to reach.

Paying two or three cents a click is simply not possible. The PTC advertisement market is really competitive and PTC advertisements are poor converting.

Most PTC users only watch the ads to get paid and will never buy anything. Advertisers know this and use PTC only to bomb traffic to their site’s or are accepting low conversion rates.

Meaning that they are willing to pay 5 or 6 dollars a thousand views at most.
This equals 0.005 a click + 0.001 referral payout.

PTC sites that pay free members one or two cents a click over several ads, will bock your account or go offline at the moment that users reach their minimum payout level.

Never paying off course and leaving their users empty handed. These sites will stay online for about three months. So please do never join a new site with high payout levels.

The smart exit scam.

These sites are very hard to detect.

They look either as a total scam site’s that pays their first members or as legit site’s using unprofitable upgrades and renting referrals.

Users will lose their money slow without noticing at first.

These sites can stay online for over a year before users start screaming all over the internet that they have been scammed. At this moment the admin will take the money and run for it.

Tip 3. The money is NOT in the clicks, get referrals

Clicking friends are the key to success.

Only clicking advertising won’t bring you affordable income, even, it’s just a waste of time and nearly paying the electricity and internet use. There are only 3 to 6 cents of ads on one site available daily.

The real money is in getting your own referrals our doing additional tasks, like taking surveys.

Most PTC sites do have an offer wall beside their advertisement. I strongly recommend taking the time to fill out your survey profile at first and thinking about how to get your own direct referrals.

Now it’s time to get you some referrals

A referral is simply a person who signed up under you, by using your special promotion link or banners, in a PTC site that you are using.

You will get paid a little amount of money for every advertisement click this person makes into the PTC site.
This money is paid by the admin of the PTC site and won't affect the earnings of this person.

So, you won’t take advance of this person or steal his money. You will just get paid a little commission for bringing him in from a secondary money stream.

All PTC sites have an affiliate or referral section in your account providing you with your own special promotion link, banners and/or splash pages.

You can use these banners or links to post it on social media, forums, other PTC sites, traffic exchange or your own blog.

If a person signs up using this link he automatically becomes your referral for life. You will start getting a commission for him as soon he clicks on the advertisements.
Mostly there will also a commission when that person buys an upgrade or takes offers.

If you are struggling to get referrals it’s a good idea to start and promote your own free blog.
This seems hard to do and is overwhelming at first.

 But in the end, you will get referrals with a good conversion rate. Totally from a free or even advertised paying blog!

Referrals who are recruited from a blog are more informed and active than referrals who just curious click on a banner or splash page, leaving without clicking.

To get started learning how to set up and promote your own free blog quickly and successfully this my #1 recommendation

Wealthy affiliate e-marketing learning university and social page for e-marketers

Independent marketing training wealty affilaite

WA supply’s free training courses, video’s, hosting and social interactivity with fellow marketers.

When recruiting referrals please be social responsibility and make sure that the person is well informed and knows where he is getting into.

Like I said before, well-informed referrals will be more active.

Personally, I never try to recruit family, friends or co-workers. These are my social, not marketing live. If they get scammed or not handle wisely themselves you are not the one willing to be blamed.

Tip 4. Take surveys and offers

Good PTC sites will have a so-called offer wall. This a page with third-party offers, like doing small tasks, downloading, signing up somewhere or taking surveys.

For me, surveys are the most profitable tasking’s on the side. To get surveys you must fill out your survey profile, which is good to do as one of the first things after signing up.

Surveys are anonymous and good ones don’t ask for your email address. So you won’t get spammed by taking surveys, what will happen if you take the sign up offers.

The only thing with surveys is that they are not available in all countries. It seems to be that surveys are geo-targeted on high pay countries like the USA, Canada, western Europe and Australia.

One more thing is to check the amount you will get paid for a survey. The rates provided by the third party companies inside the offer wall will vary for sometimes the same survey.70 cents and above for a 5 to 20 min survey are good rates.

When doing other offers than surveys be aware that the provided offer is free. There are offers where you have to buy something or taking a paying subscription of a higher price than the offer pays. I have no experience in taking micro tasking’s.

Alternative earning opportunities

Some PTC sites are giving points for clicking as an extra beside paying for the advertisement click. These points can be converted into money for your purchase balance when reached a certain amount. This threshold can be ridiculously high, like 10000 points for 1 dollar.

Almost all PTC sites have a “click grid“ and point/referral contesting’s. These will give you a chance to win extra money. A click grid is an in boxes divided image with a sort advertisement under need each box. Randomly there is a price been hidden under one of the boxes. Each day you will get x changes to find a price.

Points or referral contesting’s vary a lot. Mostly it Is a price for the top X that gathers the most points or referrals in a specific time.

A few PTC sites, like ClixSence, are paying activity bonuses for completing a daily task list as well.

Tip 5. Calculate paid upgrades always carefully

Or ask yourself, do I really need an upgrade?

I think you don’t. Upgrades will mostly give you higher payment for you and your referrals advertisement clicks but, as mentioned in “the smart exit scam” part, upgrades will not always be profitable.

The higher payment of your own clicks can burn up into the upgrade price. You will need almost the maximum direct referrals and be active every single day to get profit out of an upgrade. It’s better to delete some inactive referrals when you reach the maximum amount as a free user.

And remember, there are many PTC sites out there, just start referring another one as a free member.

Tip 6. Think twice before renting referrals

Use this money to get your own instead.

Almost the same as upgrades, there is mostly the option of 30 days renting referrals available for a small fee. These renting referrals are not real people but 100% bots controlled by the admin.

Where else do hundreds of referrals for a user come from? Bit strange isn’t it?

That these are bots isn’t the real problem, IF the admin is of the PTC site is honest and use them as a sort of hidden revenue share. The real problem is in the fact that most admins use them for guiding away your hard earned money slowly.

To get profits of your rented referrals, you need to click a minimum of 4 ads every day during the period that you are renting. That’s not so bad at first sight, but it is keeping you “hooked” from doing other things.

The most frequently used tricks by bad willing admins are;

  • “suddenly” stopping clicking after two weeks straight clicking, making you recycle them burning your profit.
  • Stop clicking for a few days or directly after you did keep them at the end of the month. you touched you had a good one and you wait for a while before refreshing him. In this case, you will never be able to keep up the lost days.
  • Dropping clicking average when you stop reinvesting in Rented Reversals from your main balance (returning the earns to get more new ones)
  • Slowly less advertisement click average when you are getting more rented referrals.

And these are only the revealed basic tricks, the admin has full control over these referral bots and can change their behaviors anytime. Buy the time you figured out the right tactics for renting, a bad willing PTC site admin will simply change his rental bots behaviors.

If you are considering renting referrals please keep in mind that good managing them is a job at its own. Only do this at sites where renting reversals average marked as good by several users, forums or review sites.

Tip 7. Use a special G Mail address for marketing and PTC sites

Simply because you don’t want to mix your private and marketing emails up.

Create a special e-mail address for receiving your marketing notifications, like your PTC account details,  newsletter and referral sign up alerts.

It is wise to print or store your sign up PTC details in a separated folder.

G mail is the most user-friendly and overall accepted mailer in internet marketing and PTC, Outlook is not.

Tip 8. Always provide valid personal data

To avoid hacking some PTC sites will ask for your birthdate when you want to make a purchase or wish to withdraw.

The idea behind this is to secure your PTC account. Hackers can hack your username and password but don’t know your birthday.

If you have entered fake personal details there is a big change that you have forgotten the data that you have provided.

Providing fake personal details can give you problems filling out your survey profile or get paid for surveys also.

My overall opinion about PTC sites

PTC is the most simple way to earn online by far. If you can click a mouse on a legit site, you will get the money.

 Read again, I said the most simple, not the best! Clicking penny ads only is just a waste of time, done by twelve-year-old kids.

You need to be able to get survey’s in your country or doing micro tasks as well to earn at least a bit of pocket money on the side while the wife is watching television.

Reasonable money can only be made on sites with a proven good renting referral average and the willingness to get your own direct referrals.

 This way you start working as an affiliate which is a common, actually the only, way to get a reasonable amount of money out of the web.

PTC can be a good way to start learning to make money online using e-promoting or monetize a blog.

Wealthy affiliate is my #1 recommendation to start learning about e-promoting and converting blogs.

wealthy affiliate internet course banner

Another option is to use PTC to get cheap, low converting, cross advertisement to your other marketing offers

Take extreme care if you are willing to pay for upgrades or renting referrals.

Use legit, proven sites only.

That's about it, thank you for reading this whole post

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment when needing help or want to share your thoughts.