Saturday, November 17, 2018



All free to use, some fees for transactions

One of the biggest challenges of internet marketing or working from home opportunities is the managing of payment processors to withdraw your hard earned money too.

Since the rejections of many online earning opportunities by Paypal in 2015 and the fall of Payza in mid-2018, there doesn't seem to be a standard, overall used payment processor anymore.

All programs have their own, wide range, of payment processor options, with the result that you need to be signed up at, and manage a lot of these processors.

There is a big change you will end up with little amounts of money that get stuck everywhere.
To less to withdraw to your bank, or too high fees to merge all your little amounts of money into one payment processor.

Luckily, this been picked up by the program admins later in 2018. Most of them have a cryptocurrency option or work with Solidtrustpay now as there standardized payments processors.

With the payments processor I have selected below, you will be able to work, and get paid in all work from home and internet marketing program. These 5 payments processors together will be covering all your needs!


As said, next to cryptocurrency is Solidtrustpay is now one of the most common used wallets in internet marketing and work from home opportunities. Direct withdraw and deposit directly from your bank account is possible from $ 10.00. Many currencies are accepted including bitcoin. STP Has its own credit card option for ATM use. My absolute most favorite alternative after the close down of Payza and where Paypal is not supported. STP is used by almost all viral safelist mailer and traffic exchange owners. If you are into traffic programs, Solidtrustpay is an essential E-wallet to have.


Especially in micro earning sites like Paid to click, surveys etc is Skrill is a payment processor that is used more and more by programs owners to make their payout.
Skrill is accepted in over 200 countries and you can withdraw your money to your bank account with a minimum of $ 10.00. Skrill has its own bank card for ATM use as well.


Payoneer can be connected with a wide range of affiliate and advertising networks. With this online wallet, you will have an extra bank account number to make and receive payments overseas where your current bank account is not supported. Any payment from any bank can be directly received. Direct deposit from your bank account and a min withdraw of 50 dollars to your bank account. Has its own MasterCard option as well. Quite high fees comparing to Solidtrustpay.


One of the most known and trusted online wallet for the big cryptocurrencies. You can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Etherium, directly to your bank account when connected. Coinbase makes working with cryptocurrency almost as native as working with Paypal for fiat currency.


A Cryptocurrency e-wallet that can hold and convert a wide range of coins (over 800 now) for a low transfer fee. Since it can hold almost any crypto coin, it's very suitable as a wallet to do all your online crypto payments or convert your coins to Bitcoin, the mother of all crypto coins.

To withdraw or deposit from fiat money you will need a crypto exchange broker like Coindeal or convert your coins to one of the biggest coins to transfer them to Coinbase.  With Coinbase you can withdraw or deposit crypto money in fiat money to your bank account directly.

Coinpayments, for your daily payments and holding a wide range of crypto coins, and Coinbase, to exchange crypto to or from your bank account in fiat money is a matching, good working, combination.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Money matrix review

To start off, What's a matrix program?

Most matrices are targeted on fast money making with a small initial investment. You will be able to multiply your money many times by recruiting other people to the matrix who are instructed to do the same.

Promotions of matrices are heavily hyped with earning tables about how much you will be able to earn with just recruiting a relatively low number of people. If you follow their example maths it all seems to be solid and completely reachable in an easy way.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Two-factor authentication simplified... or not?

So here we are, using smartphones codes, secret questions, and e-mails to log into our Facebook or Google accounts. Or at least, we should do it, almost no one does, because it's too annoying and frustrating.  Would it be nice if you can sign in quick and fully hackproof with a simple finger tap? Well, now you can!
During a  television show about scamming, I saw a guy logging into his (social) accounts using a simple tap on a USB key. Making me wonder what this little tool was, How to use it, and which keys were on the market. I investigated the original Yubikeys and it's alternatives and selected the most popular types for you.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stop selling, start connecting

One of the most underestimated promotion sites are the ones with the ability to write a public marketing profile about yourself.

A good profile gives you the chance to put yourself and your face in the market, preselling your ideas to prospects instead of an opportunity.

If you are able to connect, people are more willing to buy from you than from someone else who just pushes anonymous splash pages.