How to write a smashing public marketing profile

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to write a smashing public marketing profile


Stop selling, start connecting

One of the most underestimated promotion features is filling in your public personal marketing profile at marketing programs that provide this option. Most marketer's don't even care to upload their picture. Don't be one of those people!

A good personal marketing profile gives you the chance to put yourself and your face in the market, preselling your ideas to prospects instead of an opportunity.

If you are able to connect, people are more willing to buy from you than from someone else who just pushes anonymous splash pages.

People are more likely to buy from people instead of just stepping into an opportunity without knowing what their upline can do for them. Writing a catchy marketing profile often makes the sale or will bring you higher engaging referrals into your marketing programs.

There are several social marketing platforms where you can setup your public martketing profile to brand yourself first, instead of an opportunity. On these platforms, you will be able to post articles or videos about your projects. Social marketing platforms with a good personal marketing profile filled in have three times more enchantments than the ones without.

A well-written marketing profile in social marketers network sites is a good thing to think about. Because they will achieve you more profits out of your precious time, money and credits in for example whitelist mailers, traffic exchangers or social platform shares. In the end, writing your internet marketing profile will cost you nothing and once done it will run forever.

What to put in your public marketing profile

How to write a smashing public marketing profileBefore you start telling people about your dog, favorite color, and kids, you might want to think about what people really want to know about you, Or better what you can do for them and why they should follow you.

 After all, we are all here to get profits out of the web and the first thing that prospects interest is there benefits of your "friendship".,

Another mistake I see a lot around is that people directly wanted to sell something inside their profile. The goal of a profile is showing people what you can do for them and how they can contact you for more information.

Direct selling in an internet marketing profile is way too pushy and prospects will be feeling attacked inside their comfort zone, having the idea that you only want to sell and not caring to build up a social connecting or team.

What's a good setup for a public personal marketing profile

The first thing is to think about who you are as a marketer,

What are your specialties or niche (eg Forex specialist, MLM Guru, trainer, passive income)
What results can you archive or bring (eg Monthly 120% Rio, Fast list building, long-term projects)
What kind of people do you want to attract and who not?
How you can seduce people to contact you.

Check here my marketing profile template that I use to promote myself into several traffic exchanger, whitelist mailer and marketers social networks. I will explain to you why I chose this setup in this post afterward.

If you like it, feel free to use it as a template, Not just copy/paste it because it's about me, in my style, and it should be about you.

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