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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Matrix programs management - Best 3 explained


To start off, What's a matrix program?

Most matrices are targeted on fast money making with a small initial investment. You will be able to multiply your money many times by recruiting other people to the matrix who are instructed to do the same.

Promotions of matrices are heavily hyped with earning tables about how much you will be able to earn with just recruiting a relatively low number of people. If you follow their example maths it all seems to be solid and completely reachable in an easy way.

The basics of a matrix system are simple.

You will pay, let’s say 4 dollars one-time to your upline + a little fee for the system.
This will bring you the first line in the matrix with a total of 4 positions.
Each of this can resell for 4 dollars a piece.
In this case, 4 new members paid 4 dollars each and your total profit will be 16 dollars.

Solid as a rock, right?

Now you can start duplicate, you will keep 8 dollars and buy your next line into the matrix for the cost of 8 dollars + fee.
This will bring you again 4 new positions to resell, now with a value of eight dollars each.
Sell this, and you will have 64 dollars. And so on and on.

Perfect, Simple, Transparent and covered!

So why didn’t anyone come up with this
unique-amazing-no-brainer-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity before?

Off course, the calculation is correct, there are no holes in the money distribution, that's at least something.

There are only a few slight things left out in this out in this presentation. First of all, it's the school example of a pyramid scheme. There is no real product in this example other than the ability to make money by getting other people in.

This is flatly illegal and, just to avoid prosecution, you will get some valueless bonus products with your matrix position purchase.

In basic did you bought something that you didn’t want to have in the first place. Just to be able to resell it multiple times.

Second, the duplication will only work if your prospects also sell their 4 spots and get into the second matrix line. So, next to recruiting, you will need to train, help and push your new prospect to sell this empty, worthless system that can make them so much money.(ahem)

Only if they all succeed and their new members will too, you will get the maximum achievable money as shown inside that beautiful promotion presentation.

Are all matrices flat, sneaky sold, pyramid schemes?

Unfortunately, the very most are, let’s say above 90%

The only way to keep yourself safe from those is to never, ever buy a product that you don't like, never will use or is too expensive for the only reason that you can make money from it.

is-it a-pyramid-test-reviewAnother red flag is if you need to pay on forehand before you even know the product is.
I mean, why should you pay for something that you don’t know what it is before you did the payment without the ability to get your money refund, just to be able to resell that product.

It’s just illogical and, again, illegal.

Online Customers should always be able to review a product before payment or there must be a refund policy.

Is it all gloom and doom into the matrices world?

Luckily not, I have found three matrices that actually have a real product base behind them, more than just a few useless E-books that no one wanted to have in the first place.

Money-Matrix-how-to-chooseAll three with the possibility to check the site before you pay and one will even give you $10 worth of credits to test their product before you ever spend any money.

That’s right, $10,00 inside value just to show you that their products have real value before you start buying or promoting.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still need to pay for your first matrix position before you are able to resell it. So I will strongly advise you only to step into these matrices if their product has real value for you, the price feels right and you would like to use the product yourself.

In this way, you love your product and you don’t have to be ashamed to resell them or the matrix positions to multiply your initial investments. This is the only way to succeed in matrices and the reason why fail people into online marketing, by not selling things they truly believe in, just because it CAN make them so much money.

Below, I will describe three matrices which I like to use and think that will bring you real value for money, besides the opportunity to resell these products.

I won’t step into the compensation plans or how-much-you-can-earn in this article because I strongly believe that compensation plans only work on products that people need and want to use.

All compensation plans are published on the sites of the programs after free sign up.
So, there is no need to distract you with those for now. I rather concentrate on the products and possibilities inside the different programs.

Matrix 1- Futurenetclub social media platform

Yes, this is my most favorite matrix and the most complex to explain as well since it is part of a large bigger network with Futureadpro, Futurocoin and the mobile banner app advertising system included.

To keep this overview short and clear I will only target on the Futurenet social media pilar.
The setup of  Fururenetclub alone can be quite large and overwhelming already.
Luckily, it has a good webinar section where everything is been explained to the smallest point.

It is best to work with Futurenetclub under an active sponsor who is a member of a solid marketers group. In this way, you can get a fast response to all your question and additional info, even if when your direct sponsor is not available, or worse, has left the scene.

<<< Sign up for free under my group now>>

In basic is the Futurenetclub social media platform a full Facebook clone with a revshare model included, targeted on internet marketing enterprises. And that’s the reason I love it so much.

Where Facebook tightens the screws more and more on work from home and internet marketing projects, blocking your links as spam after 3-4 shares into their groups, Futurenetclub will endorse you to post, link, share and chat about your opportunities.

The Futurenetclub social media platform will even pay you for posting, sharing and chatting into their revshare model even if you are a free member! Just as thank for keeping there social media platform alive.

Futurenet review screenshot paying ads

Have you ever seen Facebook paying their members for posting and chatting?
Instead of blocking your links?

Futurenetclub social media has in a free subscription all the same functions like Facebook, you can make friends, create pages and groups and can start a group chat with your prospect.

I mean why would you, as an internet marketer, use Facebook if you can get paid for your postings, group chats, liking and linking?

This makes Futurenetclub ideal for serious marketers who want to brand themselves, instead of an opportunity and are willing to spend time and to train their prospects.

How will Futurenetclub itself make his money?

I see you thinking, Futurenetclub pays free members, just for posting, chatting, liking, etc where does that money come from?

The answers are quite simple, Futurenet has multiple income streams from e.g; Third-party advertisers, an Amazon affiliate store inside, Car rental companies and is starting to open Futurenet cafes, foundations, and sports project.

They share a piece of the pie of this income streams as a revshare model with the users of Futurenetclub social media platform and this how they can pay free members as well.

Your income from the posting will vary, the more Futurenetclub social media earns, the more you do.

Of course, getting paid for sharing is nice but won’t bring you an effortless income.

The shares payment has to be seen as an nice extra pocket money and as an incredible (sorry for the power word) lead magnet and first stepping for new prospects. When done right, you will be able to get people out of Facebook and into your downline at Futurenetclub social media at ease.

The Futurenet products that you can sell aka the matrix.

Next, to the sharing payment thing, a prospect can buy inside Futurenetclub social media digital products and tools aimed at internet marketers. I will get to the products later.
Those products are been paid by an internal coin called “mediapoints”

This is where the matrix kicks in.
The matrix positions that you can sell contain these mediapoints!

In others words, people are buying a coin package from you that they can use for products inside Futurenetclub social media of their own choice.
Meaning that they can spend their money on what they want and don’t get “some” product they didn’t choose for, plugged within the matrix position. That’s a big difference if you ask me.

There are packages available for 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 dollars.

A very good thing is that you are not forced into the higher packages like most matrices do, you can buy and sell as many as 10 dollar packages as you like to.
One thing to notice is that you can’t sell packages that you didn’t buy yourself first.

For example, If you buy 10 dollar packages only and a prospect in your downline does buy a package of 25 dollars, you won’t get any compensation for that sell, this goes to the first one in your upline who did buy the 25 dollar package.

So, it is wise to be at least one higher level package than what you expect your prospect will buy.

Try before you buy

Do you remember that I said you must be able to try a product before you buy it and start to resell it?

How can you do that if you need to buy a mediapoint package worth of ten dollars first?
Well, on a free sign up at the Futurenetclub social media platform, you will get 10.000 media points for free after filling in your profile.

You can use this free 10.000 media points to test any product of your choice inside the product section that is been sold with the use of these mediapoints packages.  In short, the products you will be selling.

This is how you can try a product before you buy it
Choose one of the products, spend your free mediapoints on it.
Test it and use it.
If you like the product or you want to test another, buy your first mediapoint package eg matrix position.  Keep on using your product and start to resell mediapoint packages.

What are the products that people can buy with mediapoints?

Here is a short list of the main products that people can buy using the mediapoint packages they have bought from you. All with different goals and options, way too much and complex to explain completely into this overview.

1. Social media posting upgrades.

Free member into Futurenetclub social media can “only” make 30 postings a day. If you hold a matrix position, you can do more, for a lifetime, not costing you points, it’s just a bonus for buying a position.

2. Post promotion

This is like facebook ads, next to the third party advertisements,  the Futurenetclub social platform also offers the opportunity to advertise your post, using mediapoints.
Remember that Futurenetclub social media is a buyers environment of internet marketers, which makes it very lucrative to advertise your postings.

3. Customizable high converting landing and capture pages.

Very attractive customizable landing pages for all your project, not for the Futernetclub social media platform only.

4. A blog + hosting

Doesn’t need more explanation, you know what a blog is.

5. Professional cheap and safe cloud hosting

A safe place, like google drive, where you can place documents to share or work with a group on.

ATTN if you use personal Google Drive (not G suite) for internet marketing or business you will risk a ban on your google account.

I use this cloud to host my freebies for prospects,

If they sign up in a capture lead page of me, I send them the shares link to the freebie folder after confirming “sign up to get to my E-book library and internet Marketers goodies backdoor” (smart eh ;))

6. Future videomail.

Don’t just email your followers, send them a video email!

7. Monetizing system

A complete capture lead system with filled autoresponder follow-ups for Futurenetclub social media platform. Done for you

8. Future VIOP

A telephone subscription for at home

Overview of the Futurenetclub social media platform.

Futurenetclub social media is in it basic a full facebook clone with about 20 earning opportunities.
Free to sign up and you will get 10.000 media points upon signup to test the additional products that you can resell using mediapoint packages.

The free start, products test on the forehand and the targeting to internet marketers makes it very attractive for marketers who want to brand themselves and train prospects, rather than Facebook does.

Matrix 2 - Leasedadspace

Leasedadspace has itself innovated from advertising platform matrix in 2015 to a full single line sell internet marketers platform at the beginning of 2018.

This means that it has left the smudged matrix profile system and you need to pay an additional $ 10 if you want to become a reseller of Leasedadspace.

This is completely optional and a one time fee. You will be able to sell all packages afterward and there is no need to buy all the package anymore to sell a higher package than you.

The drawback of this is that there are no benefits from your downline sells anymore. You will get the full commission on what you sell and that’s it. On the other hand, you don’t have to share your commissions with the people in your upline.

What is Leasedadspace.

At the moment is Leasedadspace a complete marketing platform which combines

A simple personal blog (for all members)
A personal profile branding page with links to your video’s and blog postings
Textads and banner ads package (numbers depends on package)

Lifetime mailing to every member (intervals depends on package)
Adboard postings on the all inside pages (number a day depends on package)

What makes Leasedadspeace interesting, above the many other opportunities, is that you will get a complete package to brand yourself and attract other marketers as well for a relatively low lifetime one payment fee.

You will pay once and save yourself a lot of time on clicking advertisements in mailers and duct-taping different free things together. The most of what you need, to promote yourself, is all there in one place to maintain.

Let me unfold the different inside benefits a little deeper.

A simple personal blog for all members.

This is a public place where you can place marked up text with pictures and links to your project.

If you don’t want to set up a full blog and maintain it’s cost but just want to drop some additional personal written info, this blog will be a good alternative.
Of course, it is wrapped in the Leasedadspace environment and not so flexible as a full blog.

Still, is it very useful as a redirect place for more info for your prospect and facebook ads. Placing teasing and intro postings to attract people to your main blog.
If you post frequently it will attract marketers that are inside Leasedadspace already.

A personal public branding page

I love these the most, many people will overlook it’s abilities or even fill them in but public personal branding pages are a very powerful tool.

I use these often to advertise myself instead of an opportunity into mailer and traffic exchangers. They are Highly converting when you put in a contact link.

It's a relief for people if someone tries to reach out personally to them, explaining what they do and can do for them instead of punching an opportunity directly.

Personal branding pages are designed to connect with people and not to sell directly.

Here you can read how to write a good personal profile or follow this example

After contact, you can always redirect them to your facebook group or your blog post for more information.

Personal branding page will make you connect with people and are a good or better alternative than capture lead page.
A good thing about your personal profile page in Leasedadspace is that your referral link is included also. When you promote your personal page, you will promote Leasedadspace together with it.

Text add and banner packages

Each subscription into Leasedadspace comes with a banner and text ad package with a number of credits for one-time use. Your banner will be displayed into Leasedadspace only in front of the members.

The value of this advertising is not too high, It might convert a bit. The only things that it gives a little value to this advertisements are that members in Leasedadspace are buyers and not tire-kicking freebie seekers.

Lifetime mailing to every member.

This is the bomb that separates Leasedadspace from the others. For surfing just a few other mailings,  you can send out your mail to the completely ever growing Leasedadspace member base. Not once, but again and again as long as Leasedadspace will exist (since 2016). A highly converting time-saving option.

The interval time where you allowed to send out your Email depends on your Leaseadspace package. From once a Month to once a day. In the end, only this option only will payback your initial sign up fee.

It’s just a matter of consequent mailing until you earned your money back and beyond.

Adpost postings on all inside pages.

These are little text links with some read more info and an outgoing link.
Very good to give an announcement to a blog post or support link to get more click to your emails.

An adpost has a sort lifetime since it is pulled down by the new ones. Still, you can expect 5 clicks on it and on with the smallest package you can post twice a day.

The prices and packages inside Leaseadspace


All members are given a free customizable personal profile page. Get noticed!

Start generating content and getting your name out there using our free Personal Blog!

Post in our Ad Board Directory using click credits. 10 credits per post


BANNER ADS 8.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 4.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 28 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD  1 free post per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 12.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 6.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 14 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 2 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 20.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 14.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 9 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
3 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additi


BANNER ADS 24.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 16.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS1 every 7 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 4 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits 


BANNER ADS 28.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 18.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 5 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 5 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS 40.000 Impressions
TEXT ADS 20.000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 4 days, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 6 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


BANNER ADS110.000 Impressions Every Month
TEXT ADS 60.000 Impressions Every Month 
SOLO EMAILS 1 every 48 hours, cross-posted to our AdBlog!
AD BOARD 25 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits

Matrix 3 - Pays4ever

This one is a simple straightforward, better than average, stable, low entrance fee matrix of just 2 dollars. Don’t expect too many whistles and bells on this one.

The biggest benefits are the stability of the program, the extra tools inside and the low entrance fee of just 2 bucks.

When you buy your first position you will get banner and text ads credits, which are just as Leasedadspace worth a bit and a complete worthless e-book download in the bonus section.

There a few nice tools inside which makes Pays4ever more interesting than the rest of the 13 in a dozen matrices.

Auto payments acceptation and Paypal integration.
This will make your prospect pay easily without any hassle, not scaring them away at the payment gate.

A customizable downline builder where you can add some of your own preferred programs.

Downline builders are a way to promote multiple programs by just using one link.
There will be multiple of your banners and programs on just one page to promote, containing your referring links. This will spread your changes and save credits into mailers and traffic exchangers.

There are many free downline builders online but if you want to add some of your own preferred programs you will have to upgrade in those. So this downline builder can be a handy tool if you are promoting in safelist mailers and traffic exchangers and has (some) value,

A url rotator.

If you are promoting at many places, This a handy “masterlink reflink”.  Under that link, you can add a few more links to the rotator setting.
Meaning that if you change a link in the rotator settings only, the display will change on all places where you have put your masterlink.

No more changing links in all your traffic spot one by one, but change just one link that is connected to the masterlink. An enormous timesaver, I can tell you that, out of my own experience.

These all together for 2 dollars is still a good value for money deal and you should be able to resell this without too many problems.

Final words

It's a jungle out there when it comes to matrices. Please, think twice before you sign up on a highly hyped shiny matrix. I hope the introduction of matrices in this post and the three matrices I recommended to you have given you some insight. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions into the comment. section below.


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