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My top 3 recommended marketing programs

Knowledge, value products and a way to promote it, my top 3 programs to start with

Online making can be a tough adventure, even harder when you have just started your journey. 
There are so many ways and programs online promoted that promise you will make money.

Most of them are making even bigger promises than the other, making it nearly impossible to select the right ones. 

Unfortunately, the most "money making blueprints" out there are better at taking, than earning, your money.

If you don't have a clear pad to follow you will be lost in the internet space for eternity.

All of this hype on my Google search results made me think about what really is needed to run an internet business. The outcome was as simple as it was powerful: 

Knowledge, a value product and a way to promote it. that's all there is!

So how do you find the best online money making programs, or better, the best programs that provide you the tools to make money online?

As a start, I have been looking for programs that offer you a lot of value before they charge you anything up front. Any good marketing program should have a trail or free membership option. I found it essential that you are able to test it before they start asking you for money. All my selected programs have such no risk membership option.

This doesn't mean that everything always can and should be free, The best programs also need to generate an income to keep them online. Always free brings no cash in the drawer for you as well. They just need to provide a  full trail or free membership with the basic features enabled, that you are able to test the program for your needs.

The other factors I have used to rate these three marketing programs are a good reputation, stability for at least 7 years, support, knowledge, value for money and product.

The last years if have been digging up a lot of dirt, but the following are the jewelry between the smug. 

They are 100% legit, long term existing, programs that provide all the tools to start your online home marketing business.


Wealthy Affiliate is my very first recommendation which you should join before you take any attempt to start earning online as an affiliate marketer! Wealthy affiliate offers you truly independent basic and advanced marketing training.
And has a free 7 days full membership trail without auto-extension.

Many marketing programs will provide you free training inside. The problem with this training is that they are mostly very basic and targeted on selling the program only. They tell you stories like "post on facebook, tell friend and family or post in forums" and that's about it. When you ask for deeper information the answer is mostly that you have to keep going.

Wealthy affiliate learns you how to set your goals, think about your branding, investigating your niche, setting up your blog, how to handle advertising and generating traffic to your offers.

Besides all the information that you can find on the site, there is a step by step starter boot camp training, you will be provided with weekly webinars, 2 WordPress blog to set up your business, and a very helpful marketers social platform where you can ask all your questions to fellow marketers.
All these are included in your free trail startup.

Wealthy affiliate is an all in, up to date online affiliate marketers university where you get trained to launch your online business in a constructive way. You will be able to meet, connect and ask questions to your fellow wealthy affiliate members as well.

When joining, you will get a 7 day, no risk, full membership, trial without auto extension. If you want to extend the upgraded membership you will need to perform it yourself.

When you decide not to upgrade and staying a free member, you will still have access to the 10 lessons starter Bootcamp training and the use of two premia fast hosted Wordpress blogs.

SFI - Strong Future International

SFI is the free to join and use MLM affiliation program of Zinq network which is supported by millions of affiliates and running since 1998.

Unlike most MLM, There are at SFI no mandatory costs such as purchasing distribution rights or product sample packages. SFI is free to sign up and use with its full features and there won't be any payments necessary if you don't choose to do so by yourself.

Especially when you are not an expert affiliate, things might be overwhelming to you.
A good affiliate program stands or falls with its marketing tools and affiliates support.

SFI will provide with all the info you need to get started selling online.

  • There is a step by step get started tutorial called "The Launchpad"
  • A daily to-do list
  • An exclusive marketing training of more than 36 lessons, covering all the marketing tactics
  • A guide "22 steps to success"
  • An active social forum to communicate with your fellow SFI Affiliates.
  • And you can "Ask Gary" the owner of SFI directly your questions.
SFI has, with over 398 marketing tools, the biggest library of promotion materials I have seen.
There is a large base of banners, e-cards and splash pages to promote the whole SFI program or the programs of Zinq network separately, depending on your wishes or need

As an SFI Affiliate, you will be able to sell all the products and programs of Zinq network right away.

The Zinq network is a container of sites which contains;

Tripleclicks, Your own e-store with over 10.000 product in several niches.

You only need to promote this product to get a commission of your sells.
Triplelclicks will handle all actions that are needed, like shipment, storage and customer contact. You don't have to buy, store or ship any product yourself.

The marketing tools of Tripleclicks are excellent, you can create a banner, sales page or listing of products and post these right away on your blog, social media pages or any other page

Austro auctions, A auctions site where you will receive commissions on the internal bid credits

Rewardicals, A online Cashback system where get commission cashback points if your team get cashback point, Rewardical cashback points can be redeemed in products, cash or bitcoin.

Localventia, A second cashback program that mainly gives cashback on products at local brick stores, you get commission over the saved cashback on the members you brought in.
SFI works with its commissions as a straight forward MLM structure. If you are able to recruit new affiliates for SFI, you will get commissions from your team members sells up to 12 levels deep, depending on your affiliate level.

Eager zebraA game site where you get commissions over the hints and extra features people buy

There are three ways to earn money on SFI.

  1. Sell one of the Zinq network products yourself
  2. Recruit a team that sells the products, you will commission up to 12 levels deep of your team sells.
  3. Buy team members at SFI or Join the COOP recruit advertisement and let the system recruit new team members for you, you will still need to support those team members. 

EUROPEAN SAFELIST MAILER (full autoresponder for $ 3,00)

European safelist mailer is, on first sight,  just a better-organized whitelist mailer exchanger.

The real power is in its upgrades. The silver membership for just $ 3.00 monthly fee does include a package of mailing credits and a full customizable autoresponder as well!

The golden membership of $ 7.00 monthly fees will also provide you with 500 tested and confirmed high quality leads each month!.

With this responder, you can make capture lead forms for 12 independent mailing listings.

Each list can hold up to 40 automated e-mails for 50,000 subscribers from a list unique e-mail address (

With its three dollar fee, this the most inexpensive full working autoresponder I have found in the market that allows affiliate and work from home businesses.

Be aware, the big "free" autoresponders, like MailChimp, do not allow affiliate and work from home businesses and will block your account. 

One thing to concern is that the responder does include hosting for one capture lead page only.
I use an empty blogger template for my capture lead page hosting. There are many free programs that offer capture lead page hosting as well.

My personal sign up bonus: When you sign up for the autoresponder using this link and contact me by using the contact form on his blog, I will send you a bonus package with ;

  • Full instructions to set up instructions for the responder
  • My empty blogger template for capturing lead page use with setup instructions
  • A Package with 100 pre-written template responder emails for your own use
  • The E-book  "autoresponder frequency guide"

To get access to the autoresponder you will need to take a free membership at European safelist and upgrade to the silver or gold membership. The link to your response can be found under the "silver or gold membership benefit buttons. Once your responder is set up it will be running separately from the mailer with its own login details.


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