7 free simple ways to avoid PTC stress

Get paid to click with a smart twist


PTC stands for Pay To Click, A site where you are be able to get paid simply for watching advertisements. These sites should be like a rolling snowball, starting slow and getting more profitable when you assign people under you (refer)or by buy upgrades. You can start as a free user getting paid for watching advertisements daily.

Sounds great !, Right ?, But? …. Are you really be able to get some decent money out of them ? Well, Let’s see and judge by yourself….

#1 Don’t get scammed

There is a lot of it out there

This is the absolute biggest problem in PTC. If you crawl the web a little while, you will see that whole blogs are dedicated about this. The main thing is that everyone can start a brand new PTC site for a hundred bucks in just two hours. Completely turn-key installed with standard scripts and hosting. This results in the launch of a dozen new sites daily with only a few to survive the first year.
I think It’s safe to say that 98% of the PTC sites on the web are total scam or become scam. Sounds scary, and it is! I have seen the most beautiful admin postings, "that they are came to stay", "can be trusted", "others might be saying bad things just to hurt this site". None of that is true ! These postings are only created to trick you or to start a strong community feeling.

The safest way to work with PTC sites is to use trusted and long term online sites only. There are more than enough of them. Please avoid new (extreme) high paying new sites, they just don't pay !
Just start with a few older and very legit sites out of the PTC top ten.
At the end there are more than enough trusted sites to cover you needs.

Sign up a few trusted sites now, it’s free, you can always decide which ones fits you the most later.

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Honest admins have to work smart and steady to get the right advertisements and won’t get rich fast. Total scamming is very profitable and easy to get away whit, to start over and over again. Here are the most common tricks.

The total scam, with the attention to never pay a dime.

Mostly paying one or even two cents a click over four to six advertisements for free users. The minimal pay out level is set on two to three dollars, which will take you three months to reach.

Paying two or three cents a click is simply not possible! The PTC advertisement market is really competitive and PTC advertisements are poor converting. Most PTC users only watch the ads to get payed and will never buy anything. Advertisers know this and use PTC only to bomb traffic to their site’s or are accepting low conversion rates. Meaning that they are willing to pay 5 or 6 dollars a thousand views at most.  This equals 0.005 a click + 0.001 referral pay out.

Straight PTC site’s (not rev sharing) that pay’s one or two cents a click over several ads will just go off line at the moment that users reaches there minimal pay out level. Never paying off course and leaving there users empty handed. These sites will stay online for about three months. So please do never join a new site with high pay out levels.

The smart exit scam.

These sites are very hard to detect. They look either as a total scam site’s that pays their first members or as legit site’s using unprofitable upgrades and renting referrals. Users will lose their money slow without noticing at first. These sites can stay online for over a year before users starts screaming all over the internet that they have been scammed. At this moment the admin will take the money and run for it.

#2 The money is NOT in the clicks, get referrals

Clicking friends are the key to success.

Only clicking advertising won’t bring you affordable income, even, it’s just a waste of time nearly paying the electricity and internet use. There is only 3 to 6 cents of ads available on one site daily.

The real money is in getting your own referrals our doing additional tasks like taking survey’s. Mostly PTC sites do have an offer wall beside their advertisement. I strongly recommend to take time to fill out your survey profile at first and thinking about how to get your own direct referrals.

Now it’s time to get you some referrals

A referral is simply a person who signed up under you. Using your promotion link in a PTC site that you are using. You will get payed a little amount of money of every ad click this person makes. This money is reserved for paying you and wouldn’t get payed to the person if he had signed up directly from the main page of the site. So you won’t take advance of this person or steal his money. You will just get payed a little commission for bringing him in from a secondary money stream.

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All PTC sites have an affiliate or referral section in your account providing you with your own special promotion link, banners and/or splash pages. You can use this banners or links to post it on social media, forums, other PTC sites, traffic exchange or you own blog. If a person signs up using this link he automatically become your referral for live.;You will start getting commission for him as soon he clicks on advertisements.Mostly there will also a commission when that person buys an upgrade or takes offers.

If you are struggling to get referrals it’s a good idea to start and promote your own free blog. This seems hard to do and is overwhelming at first. But at the end you will get referrals with a good conversion rate. Totally from a free or even advertised paying blog ! Referrals who are recruited from a blog are more informed and active than referrals who just curios click on a banner or splash page, leaving without clicking. To get start learning how to set up and promote you own free blog quickly and successfully this my #1 recommendation

Wealthy affiliate e-marketing learning university and social page for e-marketers

WA supply’s free training courses, video’s, hosting and social interactivity with fellow marketers.

When recruiting referrals please be social responsive and make sure that the person is well informed and knows where he is getting into. Like I said before, well informed referrals will be more active. Personally I never try to recruit family, friends or co-workers. These are my social, not my making live. If they get scammed or not handle wisely themselves you are not the one willing to be blamed.

Surveys and offers

Good PTC sites will have a so called offer wall. This a page with third party offers,like doing small tasks, downloading, signing up somewhere or taking survey’s. For me, surveys are the most profitable tasking’s on the side. To get surveys you must fill out your survey profile, which is good to do as one of the first things after signing up. Surveys are anonymous and good ones don’t ask for your email address.So you won’t get spammed by taking surveys, what will happen if you take sign up offers.

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The only thing with surveys is that they are not available in all countries. It seems to be that surveys are geo targeted on high pay countries like the USA, Canada, western Europe and Austria. One more thing is to check the amount you will get paid for a survey. The rates provided by the third party company’s inside the offer wall will vary for sometimes the same survey.70 cents and above for a 5 to 20 min survey are good rates.

When doing other offers than surveys be aware that the provided offer is free. There are offers where you have to buy something or taking an paying subscription of a higher price that the offer pays. I have no experience in taking micro tasking’s.

Alternative earning opportunities

Some PTC sites are giving points for clicking as an extra beside paying for the advertisement click. These points can be converted into money for your purchase balance when reached a certain amount. This threshold can be ridiculous high, like 5000 points for 1 dollar. Littlebux is the highest paying for points with a rate of 50 cent for  500 points I have found so far.

Almost all PTC sites have a “click grid“ and point/referral contesting’s. These will give you a changes to win extra money. A click grid is a in boxes divided image with a sort advertisement under need each box. Randomly there is a price been hidden under one of the boxes. Each day you will get x changes to find a price.

Point or referral contesting’s vary a lot. Mostly it Is a price for the top X that gathers the most point or referrals in a specific time.

A few PTC sites, like ClixSence, are paying activity bonuses for completing a daily task list as well.

#3 Calculate payed upgrades always carefully

Or ask yourself, do I really need an upgrade?

I think you don’t. Upgrades will mostly give you higher payment for you and your referrals advertisement clicks. Like mentioned in “the smart exit scam” section upgrades will not always be profitable.  The higher payment of your own clicks can burn up into the upgrade price. You will need almost the maximum direct referrals and be active every single day to get profit out of a upgrade. It’s better to delete some inactive referrals when you reach the maximum amount as a free user. And remember , there are many PTC sites out there, just start referring another one as a free member.

There are some exceptions, who are profiting many extra’s for little payment a year. Clixsense has, without a doubt, the most profitable upgrade for only 17 dollar a year. With this upgrade you will get commission of your referral taking offers, a higher sign up bonus, and referral upgrade commission till 8 levels deep. See ClixSense upgrade offer here.

But even in this case you need some active direct referrals first and it is yours to decide whether you want to upgrade or not. Please do never use money that you don’t have earned before in the specific site to upgrade.

#4 Think twice before renting referrals

Use this money to get your own instead

Almost the same as upgrades, there is mostly the option of 30 days renting referrals available for a small fee. These renting referrals are not real people but 100% bots controlled by the admin. Where else do hundreds referrals a user, clicking steady 2 ads a day if there are 4 high pay ads available, come from? Bit strange isn’t it, no real person will do this.

That these are bots isn’t the real problem, IF the admin is honest and use them as a sort of hidden revenue share. The real problem is in the fact that most admins use them for guiding away your hard earned money slowly. At first, to get profit from them you need to click a minimum of 4 ads every day during the month you ;are renting. That’s not so bad and is pretty much the same as “normal” revenue sharing, but is keeping you “hooked” from doing other things.

The most frequently used tricks by bad willing admins are;

_“suddenly” stopping clicking after two weeks straight clicking, making you to recycle them burning your profit.

_Stop clicking for a few days or directly after you did keep them at the end of the month. you touched you had a good one and you wait for a while before refreshing him. In this case you will never been able to keep up the lost days.

_ Dropping clicking average when you stop reinvesting in Rented Reversals from your main balance (returning the earns to get more new ones)

_ Slowly less advertisement click average when you are getting more rented referrals.

And these are only the revealed basic tricks, the admin has full control over these bots and can change their behaviors all the time. Buy the time you figured out the right tactics for renting, a bad willing PTC site admin will simply change his rental bots behaviors.

If you are considering of renting referrals please keep in mind that good managing them is a job at its own. Only do this at sites where renting reversals average marked as good by several users, forums or review sites.

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#5 Get a few payment processors verified

The header says it all!

This tip is more like a reminder. Different PTC sites are using different payment methods. Most of them use PayPal or Payza as a payment processor. The accounts of these processors must been verified,  that you have provided your valid name and address,  before you are able to archive money on them. This will take some time, so it’s wise that you sign up and verify both processors on forehand. It’s advisable also to sign up for a third processor like payoneer , netseller or even create a Coinbase bitcoin wallet.

Paypal and Payza are handling heavy terms of services and sometimes freeze the account of the admin. In this cause the admin has to hand over documents or make additional appointments. It will save you a lot of stress if you are able to withdraw using another payment processor.

#6 Use an alternative e-mail address

Don't get your main box spammed

Simply because you don’t want to have follow up, inactivity mails inside your personal mail box. Just make a special e-mail address for signing up, completing your offers and getting “newsletters” from the PTC sites. It is wise to print or store your sign up detail in a separated folder.

Outlook isn’t always accepted, g-mail is.

#7 Always provide valid personal data

To avoid hacking some PTC sites will ask for your birthday when you want to make a purchase or wish to withdraw. Hackers can hack your username and password but don’t know your birthday is the idea behind this . If you have entered fake person details there is a big change that you have forgotten your own birthdate. Providing  fake personal details can give you problems filling out your survey profile or get paid for surveys also.

My overall opinion about PTC sites

PTC is the most simple way to earn online by far. If you can click a mouse on a legit site, you will get the money. Read again, I said the most simple, not the best! Clicking penny ads only is just a waste of time, done by twelve year old kids. You need to be able to get survey’s in your country or doing micro tasks as well to earn at least a bit pocket money on the side while the wife is watching television.

Reasonable money can only been made on sites with a proven good renting referral average and the willing to get you own direct referrals. This way you start working as an affiliate which is a common , actually the only, way to get a reasonable amount of money out of the web. PTC can be a good way to start leaning making money online using e-promoting or memotise a blog.

Wealthy affiliate is my #1 recommendation to start learning about e-promoting and converting blogs.

Another option is to use PTC to get cheap, low converting, cross advertisement

Take extreme care if you are willing to pay for upgrades or renting referrals.

Use legit, proven sites only.

That's about it, thank you for reading this whole post

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment when needing help or want to share your thoughts .

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